Southern Hemp Network - Nashville TN

A Professional Network of Growers, Farmers, Processors, Extractors, Formulators, Wholesalers, Distributors, and Retailers

Welcome to the Southern Hemp Network

The Southern Hemp Network is a membership organization open to everyone involved in the legal hemp industry.

We create and promote relationships between buyers and sellers of all levels of products and services in the legal hemp industry.

We offer resources, opportunities and options for people wanting to learn about hemp, for the largest farmers, extractors, and retailers and for everybody in between. 

Signup for a membership level and class that best fits your needs and try it out.

You don’t have to be Southern or drink sweet tea to join.  We are open to all that are professional and play nice.

Welcome To The Future
Grow Hemp!

The Southern Hemp Network is a great place to start for information on growing hemp.  Learn about the industry.  Learn to grow hemp.  Learn about the  differences between hemp, cannabis, and marijuana.  We are compiling a great library of hemp resources.  Join Us.

What Does the Southern Hemp Network Do

The Southern Hemp Network (SHN) connects the vertical levels of the hemp industry.  Farmers and growers need suppliers and buyers.  We connect them.  Extractors need material to extract.  We connect them with growers with material to sell.  Extractors need buyers of extracts.  We connect them.  Retailers need a diverse variety of products for stores.   We connect them with manufacturers, distributors and formulators.   We provide a broad and diverse group of hemp industry professionals with consulting services, design services, marketing services, supplies, equipment, plants, seeds, online tools and resources, sales services  and relationship support.

Farmers and Growers

The heart of the industry. Grow support services, sales/marketing services.

Extractors and Processors

Market Place for flower, biomass and extracted and refined products.


Market Place for manufacturers and formulators products

Wholesalers / Distributors

Selling flower and manufactured products for retail stores

Retail Stores

Dispensaries, Tobacco, Vape, Smoke Shops, C-Stores, General Retail


Departments of Agriculture, Extension Services, Law Makers, Law Enforcement

The State of the Hemp Industry

The Industrial Hemp Industry is Five Years Old and still not walking.  We have created a page with our opinion and links to many other opinions to provide a broad picture and a basis for understanding what is happening and what is not happening in the world of hemp.  Your insight would be appreciated.  Please reach out with information and thoughts – call us, email us, come drink coffee and enlighten us.

The Southern Hemp Network is a great place to start for information on growing hemp and a resource for experienced growers with sources of information, online grower tools, and marketing services.   Read about the big picture from many of the leading private and government players.