Southern Hemp Network - Nashville TN

A Professional Network of Growers, Farmers, Processors, Extractors, Formulators, Wholesalers, Distributors, and Retailers

Farmers and Growers

The Southern Hemp Network was built to support farmers and growers.  We are part of Indoor Growers World, an agricultural supply, technology and consulting organization located in Nashville, Tennessee.

The hemp industry begins with you, the grower.  We know the industry will become big business, as the government (FDA) regulations and rules are put in place.  The extraction, manufacturing and distribution chain will become big business as the industry grows.  The growers and the farmers are essential to these businesses.

No matter the size of these organizations, they will still procure agricultural material from farmers and growers.

You make the hempin’ world go round…

Scientist checking hemp plants in the field
Hemp growing in California desert
Indoor Hemp Growing Under Lights
Researchers checking hemp plants in the field

The Southern Hemp Network was Built to Support Farmers and Growers

Farmers and Growers

You make the hempin’ world go round…

Growers Dashboard

Weather Data, Industry Data Feed, Grow and Harvest Tracking, Meter Management and more

Grow Management

Seed to Sale Tracking, Grow Planning and Management, Grow Analytics, Soil and Water Lab Tests, Weather Data, Environment Data, Labor, Manage Lab Testing / Analysis,

Harvest Management

Track Harvested Material by lot and container, List on Southern Hemp Market Place, Manage Lab Testing / Analytics,

Genetics Tracking

Weather Data, Industry Data Feed, Grow and Harvest Tracking, Meter Management,

Lab Analysis Tracking

Manage and Organize your soil, water, and crop analyses.

Meter and Instrument Mgt

pH and EC (ppm) readings are critical to the success of your grows. The accuracy of your meter is only as good as the last calibration.

Pest Management

Plan and Document your pest management program. Access pesticides database.

Grow Coach

Utilize our grow coaching system. Perfect for new growers and beneficial to well seasoned and experienced growers.

Fertilizer / Nutrient Mgt

Track Fertilizer, Nutrient, Supplements and Amendments usage on each field, grow or crop.

Picture Store

A wholesale only physical and virtual showroom to display flower, extracts and retail products for buyers to see and touch.

Graphics Store

Signage for grow area identification, retail POP materials, window signs and more.

Buying Group

Buy the products you need at discount prices.

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Join The Southern Hemp Network for Free.  No Credit Card needed.  We want you to check it out, understand what we offer and then make a good informed decision about being a member.  We will offer paid options with premium features. We will get your money before it is over with, but it will be your decision. Basic membership will always be free. We think you will like what you see…