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Welcome To The Members Only Section of The Southern Hemp Network

We are in our beta testing phase

We are in our beta testing phase, which means you may find something that does not work as you would expect, please share that with us.  We are making corrections, adding features and options, working through the problems and fixing the issues.  The more details and info you give us the better able to duplicate the problem and find the solution.  You ideas are important – make suggestions to make it better for everyone.

The top right of the Menu Bar beside your user name has a Pencil Icon.  Clicking on the Pencil will open a box to type a comment, make a suggestion or note a problem.  It is short and easy to make a comment.  Give it a try.

We appreciate your patience and working with us.  There is NO COST for Membership ever.  In the future Premium Features will have a charge.  As a Beta Tester you will be Grandfathered In to All of Our Premium Features for One Year after the testing phase concludes. 

Getting Started

The top line of the screen displays the Main Menu.

The member home button brings you back to this page.

The Help button will take you to our help section.  We are adding information and tutorials.  Check out the getting started section.

Dashboards have a Menu Area or Control Panel in the top right with options specific to the dashboard.  Mobile users choose the Control Panel Option.

The Marketplace Button will take you to the Products for Sale Marketplace.

Clicking On your User Name will allow you to update your account information, addresses, phone numbers and other options.  You may edit your info or your company info from this screen.  Click on your company name to go to company info.

Hover over your user name to choose the Theme (color scheme) or Logout.

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